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ID Title Author(s)
3 Accessing The Long-time Isospin Drift And The Symmetry Energy In Heavy Ion Collisions Prof Zhigang Xiao
5 Clustering Phenomena In Beryllium-8 Nucleus Dr Niloufar Zoghi-Foumani, Dr Mohammad Reza Shojaei, Prof Ali Akbar Rajabi
7 Fission Fragment Mass Distribution In The Microscopic Approach Ms Anna Zdeb, Prof Michal Warda, Dr Artur Dobrowolski
10 Chemical Potential And Symmetry Energy For Intermediate Mass Fragment Production In Heavy Ion Reactions Near Fermi Energy Dr Xingquan Liu
11 Elastic Scattering Of Proton-rich Nuclei 9c And 8b On A Pb Target Dr Yanyun Yang, Prof Jiansong Wang, Prof Qi Wang, Dr Danyang Pang, Mr Peng Ma, Mr Junbing Ma, Dr Shilun Jin, Dr Meirong Huang
12 Structure Of Neutron-rich Nuclei Via Beta Decay And Mass Measurements Dr Filip Kondev
13 Three-nucleon Reactions With Improved Chiral Forces Dr Roman Skibinski, Prof Jacek Golak, Dr Kacper Topolnicki, Prof Henryk Witala, Prof Evgeny Epelbaum
14 The X(5568) from QCD Sum Rules Dr Marina Nielsen
16 First Direct Observation Of Enhanced Octupole Collectivity In 144,146Ba Dr Brian Bucher, Dr Shaofei Zhu, Mr The LLNL, ANL, Rochester, Liverpool, LBNL, Maryland, Ohio, West Scotland, Florida State, & Notre Dame Collaboration
17 Mapping The Densities Of Exotic Nuclei Prof Steven Karataglidis
18 Recent Results In Nuclear Astrophysics At The n-TOF Facility At CERN Dr Giuseppe Tagliente
19 Effects Of Resonances In Low-energy Nucleon Scattering With Weakly-bound Nuclei A/Prof Ken Amos, Prof Steven Karataglidis, Dr Paul Fraser, Mr Kym Massen-Hane, Prof Igor Bray, Dr Alisher Kadyrov, Prof Luciano Canton, Dr Ruben Fossion, Prof Juris Svenne
20 Inelastic Neutron Scattering Studies: Relevance To Neutrinoless Double-beta Decay Prof Steven Yates, Dr Sharmistha Mukhopadhyay, Dr Benjamin Crider, Dr Erin Peters, Prof Marcus McEllistrem, Dr Francisco Prados-Estevez, Dr Timothy Ross, Prof Jeffrey Vanhoy
21 Medium Effect Over Normal Density Probed By Nucleus-nucleus Elastic Scattering Dr Takenori Furumoto, Prof Yukinori Sakuragi, Prof Yasuo Yamamoto
22 Comparison Between 9Li And 10Be Nuclei from Viewpoint Of Nuclear Structure And Reaction Dr Takenori Furumoto, Dr Tadahiro Suhara, A/Prof Naoyuki Itagaki
23 Structure Of The Stable Xenon Isotopes And The Search For An E(5) Critical-point Nucleus Prof Steven Yates, Dr Erin Peters, Dr Timothy Ross, Dr Anagha Chakraborty, Dr Benjamin Crider, Dr Francisco Prados-Estevez, Dr Sharmistha Mukhopadhyay, Dr Anthony Ramirez, Dr Stephen Ashley, Prof Marcus McEllistrem
24 Spin-isospin Responses Of Deformed Neutron-rich Nuclei Dr Kenichi Yoshida
25 Measuring The Gluon Sivers Function At A Future Electron-ion Collider Dr Liang Zheng, Dr Elke Aschenauer, Dr J.H. Lee, Prof Bo-wen Xiao, Prof Zhongbao Yin
26 Shell Evolution Study Of New Magic Number N=32 In Scandium Isotopes Via Nuclear Mass Measurements Dr Xing XU
27 Collective And Single-particle Structures In The Neutron-rich Doubly Mid-shell Nucleus 170Dy Dr Söderström Pär-Anders, Dr Pieter Doornebal, Dr Hongliang Liu, Mr Jiajian Liu, Dr Shunji Nishimura, Prof Patrick Regan, Prof Phil Walker, Mr Ho Phong Vi, Mr Jin Wu, Prof Hiroshi Watanabe
28 Low-lying Structures Of Exotic Sc Isotopes And The Evolution Of The N=34 Subshell Closure Dr David Steppenbeck, Dr Satoshi Takeuchi, Dr Nori Aoi, Dr Pieter Doornenbal, Dr Masafumi Matsushita, Dr He Wang, Dr Yutaka Utsuno, Dr Hidetada Baba, Dr Shintaro Go, Dr Jenny Lee
31 The Role Of Strangeness In Hadronic Matter (In)stability: from Hypernuclei To Compact Stars Prof Debora Peres Menezes, Dr James R Torres, Prof Francesca Gulminelli
33 Quark-spin Polarization And Spontaneous Magnetization In Quark Matter At Finite Density Prof Yasuhiko TSUE, Prof Joao da Providencia, Prof Constanca Providencia, Prof Masatoshi Yamamura, Prof Henrik Bohr
34 Test Of The Brink - Axel Hypothesis With Gamma Strength Functions from Forward Angle Inelastic Proton Scattering Prof Peter von Neumann-Cosel, Mr Sergej Bassauer, Mr Dirk Martin, Prof Atsushi Tamii
36 Antikaon Interactions With Nucleons And Nuclei –AMADEUS At DaΦne Dr Johann Marton
38 Search For A Leptophobic Gauge Boson Via η Decay At Jlab Prof Liping Gan
39 Search For Double Beta Decay Processes Of 124Xe With Xenon100 &Xenon1t Mr Alexander Fieguth
40 Studies On η Meson Production In dp Collisions At The Magnetic Spectrometer ANKE Mr Christopher Fritzsch, Prof Alfons Khoukaz, Mr Marcel Rump, Mr Daniel Schröer
41 Pfaffian Formula For Projected Hfb States With Multi Quasi-particle Excitations Prof Takahiro Mizusaki, Prof Makito Oi
42 Inclusive Λ Hyperon Production In Proton-proton Reactions At 3.5 GeV Measured With Hades Mr Rafal Lalik
43 Theoretical Challenges In Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay A/Prof Sabin Stoica
44 Isospin-nonconserving Interactions Studied Through Triplet Energy Differences Prof David Jenkins
45 QRPA With The Gogny Force For Low Energy Spectroscopy Gamma Strengths And Beta Decay Dr Sophie Péru, Dr Marco Martini, Dr Isabelle Deloncle, Dr Stephane Goriely, Mr Francois Lechaftois, Dr Stephane Hilaire
46 Electron-capture Rates Of Nuclei At Stellar Environments And Nucleosynthesis Prof Toshio Suzuki, Prof Michio Honma, A/Prof Noritaka Shimizu, Dr Yusuke Tsunoda, Prof Takaharu Otsuka, Prof Toshitaka Kajino, Mr Kanji Mori, Prof Michael Famiano, Dr Jun Hidaka, Prof Kenichi Nomoto
48 Microscopic Approach To Heavy-ion Fusion A/Prof Cedric Simenel, Ms Kirsten Vo-Phuoc, Prof A. S. Umar
49 Formation Of Two-neutron Halo In Drip-line Nuclei from The Low-energy Neutron-neutron Interaction Prof Toshio Suzuki, Prof Takaharu Otsuka, Dr Cenxi Yuan, Prof Navin Alahari
50 Isovector Properties Of The Nuclear Equation Of State from The Quark-Meson Coupling Model Miss Ellen McRae, Dr Cedric Simenel, Prof Anthony Thomas, Dr Edward Simpson
51 Longitudinal Wobbling In 133la Miss Sayani Biswas, Prof R. Palit, Prof U. Garg, Dr G. H. Bhat, Prof S. Frauendorf, Miss W. Li, Prof J. A. Sheikh, Dr J. Sethi, Dr S. Saha, Dr Purnima Singh
52 Neutrinoless Double-beta Decay With EXO: Achievements And Prospects Dr Tamer Tolba
53 Microscopic Description Of Nuclear Fission Prof Aurel Bulgac, Prof Piotr Magierski, A/Prof Kenneth Roche, Dr Ionel Stetcu
54 The Ame2016 Atomic Mass Evaluation Dr Meng Wang, Dr Georges Audi, Dr Filip Kondev, Dr Sarah Naimi, Mr Wenjia Huang, Dr Xing Xu
55 Final State Effects On Chiral Magnetic Effects In Relativistic Heavy-ion Collisions Dr Guo-Liang Ma
56 Observation Of New Transuranium Isotopes In Multinucleon Transfer Reactions A/Prof Sophia Heinz
57 Charge Symmetry Breaking In The dd→απ0 Reaction With WASA-at-COSY Ms Maria Katarzyna Zurek
58 Reaffirmation Of A Deeply Bound Xi- 14N System, Kiso Event, With A Recent Experimental Result Dr kazuma nakazawa
59 Nuclear Shell Model from First Principles Prof Bruce R Barrett, Prof Erdal Dikmen, Prof James P Vary
60 Underground Nuclear Astophysics Experiment In Jinping China: JUNA Prof Weiping Liu
61 Transition Probability Measurements In Os-168 Dr Tuomas Grahn, Dr D. T. Joss, Ms S. Stolze, Prof R. D. Page, Dr A. Dewald, Prof R. Julin
62 Determination Of Effective Neutrino Mass Based On Double Beta Decay Experiments Dr Yoritaka Iwata, Dr Javier Menendez, Dr Noritaka Shimizu, Dr Yutaka Utsuno, Prof Takaharu Otsuka, Dr Michio Honma, Dr Takashi Abe
63 Measurement Of Properties Of Antihydrogen With The Alpha Trap Dr Art Olin
64 New Half-life Results On Very Long-living Nuclei Prof Kai Zuber
66 Compositeness Of Quasibound States from Effective Field Theory Mr Yuki Kamiya, Prof Tetsuo Hyodo
67 Two-body Wave Functions, Compositeness, And The Internal Structure Of Dynamically Generated Resonances Dr Takayasu Sekihara, Dr Tetsuo Hyodo, Prof Daisuke Jido, Dr Junko Yamagata-Sekihara, Dr Shigehiro Yasui
71 Bohr Hamiltonian With Exactly Solvable Energy Dependent Potentials Dr Radu Budaca
73 Newly Discovered Low Energy Resonances In The 22Ne(p,γ)23Na At Luna Mr Federico Ferraro, Dr Francesca Cavanna
74 Summary Of The Latest Results On Heavy Flavour Dilepton In p-p And Pb-Pb At CMS Prof Dong Ho Moon
76 Gamma-ray Production Cross Sections For Neutron-induced Reactions In Tellurium Prof Michelle Dolinski, Prof Eric Norman, Dr Walid Younes, Dr Matthew Devlin, Dr Nikolaos Fotiadis, Dr Ronald Nelson, Prof Paul Garrett
77 Half-life Measurement Of Isomeric States In A = 25 And 26 A/Prof Daiki Nishimura
79 Charge Exchange Reaction Of RI Beam To Populate Exotic States Prof Susumu Shimoura
80 Various Structure In Neutron-rich 31mg Studied By Using Spin-polaried 31na Beam Dr Hiroki Nishibata, Prof Tadashi Shimoda, A/Prof Atsuko Odahara, Mr Shota Morimoto, Mr Shinosuke Yoshida, Ms Ayumi Yagi, Mr Hiroshi Kanaoka, Mr Takayuki Kawamura, Dr Matt Pearson, Dr Phil Levy
82 Four- And Three-body Dynamics In 6Li Scattering Dr SHIN WATANABE, Prof TAKUMA MATSUMOTO, Prof KAZUYUKI OGATA, Prof MASANOBU YAHIRO
83 Description Of Multi-nucleon Transfer And Fusion Reactions With The Coupled Channel Method Dr Guillaume Scamps, Prof Kouichi Hagino
84 Experimental Signature Of Projectile Coupling In 28Si + 154Sm Reaction: Study Through Fusion And Quasi-elastic Scattering Ms Gurpreet Kaur
85 16o + 16o Molecular Structures Of Superdeformed States In 34s Dr Yasutaka TANIGUCHI
86 Coupling Of Alpha- And t-cluster Structures In Excited Deformed States Of 35Cl Dr Yasutaka TANIGUCHI
87 Enhanced Gamma Vibration And A Long-lived K Isomer In Axially Symmetric 172Dy Dr Hiroshi Watanabe
89 Shell Model Calculation Of Nuclei Around 208Pb Ms Eri Teruya, Prof Naotaka Yoshinaga, Prof Koji Higashiyama
90 Nuclear Reaction Path And Inertial Mass In The Self-consistent Collective Coordinate Method Prof Takashi Nakatsukasa
91 Application Of A Quark-hadron Hybrid Equation Of State To Rotating Neutron Stars Prof Tomoki Endo
92 Fragment Identification And High Precision Alignment Mr Simon Lindberg
93 Determination And Monte Carlo Simulations Of Neutron Flux Inside Spallation Target Quinta Mr Pavel Tichy, Mr Martin Suchopar, Dr Lukas Zavorka, Dr Jindrich Adam, Dr Vladimir Wagner, Dr Jitka Vrzalova, Mr Radek Vespalec, Mr Miroslav Zeman, Dr Alexandr A. Solnyshkin, Mr Jurabek Khushvaktov
95 Development Of Ring-imaging Cherenkov Counter For Heavy Ions Mr Masahiro Machida
96 Ab Initio Ground And Excited States For All s-d And p-f shell Nuclei Dr Jason Holt
97 In-beam Gamma-ray Spectroscopy Of 88,90,92,94 Se Mr Sidong Chen, Dr Pieter Doornenbal, Dr Alexandre Obertelli, Dr Tomas R. Rodriguez
98 Measurements Of Trace Element Abundances In Lava Via Neutron Activation Analysis Mr P. V. Guillaumon, Prof I. D. Goldman, Prof P. R. Pascholati, Prof Eric Norman, Mr K. J. Thomas, Mr A. R. Smith, Mr R. E. Meyer, Mr J. L. Sabella, Prof T. Madi-Filho
99 Centre Vortices As The Origin Of Quark Confinement Dr Waseem Kamleh, Prof Derek Leinweber, Dr Daniel Trewartha
100 The Role Of Spin In Quark Hadronization Dr Hrayr Matevosyan
101 Weakly Bound And Unbound Nuclei Near The Neutron Drip Line Prof Takashi Nakamura, Dr Yosuke Kondo
102 Coherent Shape Phase Mixing In Transitional Nuclei Dr Andreea-Ioana Budaca, Dr Radu Budaca
104 Neutrino-nucleus Reaction Cross Sections For Neutrino Detection And Nucleosynthesis In Supernova Explosions Prof Toshio Suzuki, Prof Baha Balantekin, Prof Toshitaka Kajino, Prof Satoshi Chiba, Prof Michio Honma
106 Experimental Evidence Of Non-compound Nuclear Processes In Near Super-heavy Nucleus 256Rf Through Neutron Multiplicity Measurements Ms MEENU THAKUR, Prof B.R. Behera, Miss Ruchi Mahajan, Mr N. Saneesh, Miss Gurpreet Kaur, Miss Priya Sharma, Mr R. Dubey, Mr Kushal Kapoor, Mr A. Yadav, Mr Neeraj Kumar
107 Study Of Neutron Deficient 192,202po Nuclei By Neutron Multiplicity Measurements At Nand Facility Miss Ruchi Mahajan, Prof B.R. Behera, Miss Meenu Thakur, Mr N. Saneesh, Miss Gurpreet Kaur, Miss Priya Sharma, Mr Kushal Kapoor, Mr R. Dubey, Dr A. Yadav, Mr Neeraj Kumar
108 Meson Production In p-d Fusion To ³he X At Proton Beam Momenta Between P_p = 1.60 Gev/c And P_p = 1.74 Gev/c With WASA-at-COSY Mr Nils Hüsken, Mr Florian Bergmann, Mr Kay Demmich, Prof Alfons Khoukaz, Mr Karsten Sitterberg
109 Shape Coexistence In Neutron-rich Strontium Isotopes At N=60 Dr Emmanuel Clément, Dr Magda Zielinska
110 Is The Generalized Brink-Axel Hypothesis Valid? Prof Magne Guttormsen, Dr Ann-Cecilie Larsen, Prof Andreas Görgen, Dr Therese Renstrøm, Prof Sunniva Siem, Dr Tamas Gabor Tornyi, Dr Gry Merete Tveten
111 High Spatial Resolution Microdosimetry With ΔE-E Detector On C-12 Beam: Monte Carlo Simulations And Experiment. Dr Linh Tran, Mr David Bolst, Dr Susanna Guatelli, Dr Dale Prokovich, Dr Ying Chee Keat, Dr Michael Lerch, Dr Mark Reinhard, Dr Eleni Sagia, Prof Alberto Fazzi, Prof Anatoly Rosenfeld
112 Mass Measurements Of Rare Isotopes With A Single Ion Dr Martin Eibach, Prof Georg Bollen, Dr Kerim Gulyuz, Mr Christopher Izzo, Dr Ryan Ringle, Ms Rachel Sandler, Dr Stefan Schwarz, Mr Adrian Valverde
113 Magnetic Moment Of Isomeric State Of 75Cu Measured With Highly Spin-aligned Beam Dr Yuichi Ichikawa
114 Dwia Production Cross Sections Of P-shell Hypernuclei Calculated With Parity-mixed Extended Wave Functions A/Prof Atsushi Umeya, Prof Toshio Motoba
115 Possible Experimental Search Of Resonant Tri-neutron State 3n Prof Hideyuki Sakai
116 Role Of Hexadecupole Deformation In The Shape Evolution Of Neutron-rich Nd Isotopes Dr Rin YOKOYAMA, Prof Eiji Ideguchi, Prof Gary Simpson, Ms Mana Tanaka, Dr Shunji Nishimura, Dr Pieter Doornenbal, Dr Paer-anders Söderström, Dr Giuseppe Lorusso, Dr Zhengyu Xu, Dr Jin Wu
117 Physical Problem To Be Clarified At ACCULINNA-2 Fragment Separator Dr Andrey Fomichev, Dr Grzegorz Kaminski
118 Probing Surface Diffuseness Of Nucleus-nucleus Interaction Potential In Mass Range A=24-206 Ms Rajni Mittal, Dr Manoj K. Sharma
120 In-gas-jet Laser Spectroscopy Of 214,215Ac And Prospects For Studies Of The Actinide Region Prof Piet Van Duppen
121 Isospin-symmetry-violation Effects Resulting from Strong Interactions Studied Through Mirror And Triplet Displacement Energies Mr Pawel Baczyk, Prof Jacek Dobaczewski, Mr Maciej Konieczka, Prof Takashi Nakatsukasa, Dr Koichi Sato, Prof Wojciech Satuła
122 Isospin Symmetry In The A = 58 Isobars Studied By The 58zn β Decay And 58ni(3he,t) Reaction Mr Hiroyuki Oikawa
123 Deformation And Neutron-proton Pairing Effects On The Gamow-teller Transitions In Medium Nuclei By Using The Deformed Qrpa Dr Eunja Ha, Prof Myung-Ki Cheoun
124 Nuclear Equation Of State Effects In Stellar Collapse: Nucleosynthesis Prof Michael Famiano, Prof Toshitaka Kajino, Dr Wako Aoki, Dr Takuma Suda
125 New Results from Reno And Future Reno-50 Project Dr June-Ho Choi
126 The Proton Spectrum With All-to-all Propagators Dr Jiajun Wu, Prof Derek Leinweber, Dr James Zanotti, A/Prof Ross Young
127 Measurement Of Total Decay Energies Of T=1 And T=1/2 Nuclei At Lebit For The Search Of Physics Beyond The Standard Model Dr Martin Eibach
128 Partial Wave Decomposition Of Finite-range Effective Interactions Dr Alessandro Pastore, Prof Dany Davesne, Prof Jesus Navarro, Mr Pierre Becker, Prof Jacques Meyer
129 Impact Of Pairing Correlations On The Chemical Composition Of The Inner Crust Of A Neutron Star Dr Alessandro Pastore
130 Extended Skyrme Equation Of State In Asymmetric Nuclear Matter Dr Alessandro Pastore, Prof Dany Davesne, Prof Jesus Navarro
131 Spurious Finite-size Instabilities In Nuclear Energy Density Functionals: Spin Channel Dr Alessandro Pastore, Prof Dany Davesne, Prof Jesus Navarro, Dr Dimitar Tarpanov
132 Charge Radii In Hg Isotopes Close To Proton Drip-line Dr Alessandro Pastore, Prof Jacek Dobaczewski, Prof Andrei Andreyev
134 Status Of Global Sterile Neutrino Fits Mr Gabriel Collin, Mr Carlos Arguelles, Prof Janet Conrad, Prof Mike Shaevitz
135 Decay Branching Ratios Of Excited States In 24Mg Relevant For Carbon Burning Dr J. M. Munson, Prof Eric Norman, Dr J. T. Burke, Dr R. J. Casperson, Dr E. N. McCleskey, Dr M. McCleskey, Dr R. O. Hughes, Dr S. Ota, Ms A. Czeszumska, Dr A. J. Saastamoinen
136 Probing The Origin Of The Proton Spin With Jets At Star Prof Carl Gagliardi
137 Study Of Nucleon Excited States With Hamiltonian Effective Field Theory Dr Zhan-Wei Liu, Dr Waseem Kamleh, Prof Derek Leinweber, Mr Finn Stokes, Prof Anthony Thomas, Dr Jia-Jun Wu
138 Time-dependent Measurement Of N-Z Equilibration Dr Alan McIntosh, Ms Andrea Jedele, Prof Sherry Yennello
139 Schiff Moments Of Xe Isotopes In The Nuclear Shell Model Prof Naotaka Yoshinaga, Ms Eri Teruya, A/Prof Koji Higashiyama
140 Neutrino Interactions With Nuclei For Neutrino Process In Supernova Explosion Prof Myung-Ki Cheoun
141 Evaporation Residue Cross-section Measurements For 48ti+150,142nd,144sm Systems Using Hyra Facility Ms Priya Sharma, Prof B.R. Behera, Dr N. Madhavan, Prof I. Mazumdar, Miss Ruchi Mahajan, Miss Meenu Thakur, Miss Gurpreet Kaur, Mr Kushal Kapoor, Miss Kavita Rani, Mr J. Gehlot
142 Structure Of Light Kaonic Nuclei And The Equation Of State Dr Rong-Yao Yang, Prof Wei-Zhou Jiang
143 Relation Between Pfaffian And Neergaard-wust Formula To Evaluate Hartree-fock-bogoliubov Norm Overlap Kernels Prof Makito Oi
144 The ACCULINNA And ACCULINNA-2 Radioactive Ion Beam Facility At Dubna: Status And Perspectives Dr Grzegorz Kaminski
145 Neutrinoless Double-beta Decay Rates Around Mass 80 In The Nuclear Shell Model Mr Kota Yanase, Prof Naotaka Yoshinaga, Prof Koji Higashiyama, Ms Eri Teruya, Mr Daisuke Taguchi
146 The Effect Of The Positive Q-value Neutron Transfers On Near-barrier Heavy-ion Fusion Dr Huiming Jia
148 The Threshold Anomaly Of Optical Potentials And The Dispersion Relation For Weakly-bound Nuclear Systems Prof Chengjian Lin
150 Relativistic Electron-positron Plasma Screening In Astrophysical Environments Prof Michael Famiano, Prof A. Baha Balantekin, Prof Toshitaka Kajino
151 Constraints On The sbar-s Asymmetry Of The Proton In Chiral Effective Theory Dr Xuangong Wang, Prof Chueng-Ryong Ji, Prof Wally Melnitchouk, Mr Yusupujiang Salamu, Prof Anthony W Thomas, Prof Ping Wang
152 Presicion Laser Spectroscopy For Laser-cooled Radioactive Beryllium Isotopes Dr Aiko Takamine
153 Beta Decay Study In N≈z Nuclei Using Dft-rooted Models With Isospin Symmetry Restoration Mr Maciej Konieczka
154 Collective Neutrino Flavor Oscillations And Application To Supernova Nucleosynthesis Mr Hirokazu Sasaki, Prof Toshitaka Kajino, A/Prof Tomoya Takiwaki, Prof Jun Hidaka, Prof Tomoyuki Maruyama, Prof Yamac Pehlivan, Prof A.B. Balantekin
155 Decay Spectroscopy Of Highly Charged Radioactive Ions With Titan At TRIUMF Prof Kyle Leach, Dr Iris Dillmann, Mr Renee Klawitter, Dr Annika Lennarz, Prof Corina Andreoiu, Prof Thomas Brunner, Prof Dieter Frekers, Mr Patrick Hunt, Mr Erich Leistenschneider, Prof Jens Dilling
156 Decay Constants And Su(3) Symmetry Breaking In B-mesons With Quenched Relativistic B-quarks Ms Sophie Hollitt, Dr Paul Jackson, Dr Ross Young, Dr James Zanotti
157 Relativistic And Non-relativistic Study Of Z=120 Isotopes And Predictions For The α-decay Chains Of N= 292,298,299,304, Z=120 Nuclei Dr Shakeb Ahmad, Mr Afaque Karim
158 Fusion, Fission, And Other Collective Motion from A Mean Field Approach Dr Paul Stevenson
159 Transverse Momentum Dependent Quark Distributions In The Nambu-Jona-Lasinio Model Mr Yu Ninomiya, Prof Wolfgang Bentz, Dr Ian Cloet
161 Towards Transverse Momentum Dependence In Distributions And Fragmentation Dr Rolf Ent
162 Meson Electroproduction Experiments At Jefferson Lab And The Kaon Form Factor Prof Tanja Horn
163 Dynamical Evolution Of Super-heavy Systems Studied Using The X-ray Fluorescence Technique Dr Maurice Morjean, Miss Maud Airiau, Prof Mahananda Dasgupta, Dr Antoine Drouart, Prof David Hinde, Dr Dominique Jacquet, Dr Cédric Simenel, Dr Laurent Tassan-Got, Dr Elizabeth Williams
164 Baryon Spectroscopy In (π, 2π) Reactions With 106 Hz Beams At J-PARC Dr Hiroyuki Sako, Prof Kenneth Hicks, Prof Jae-Kyun Ahn, Dr Shoichi Hasegawa, Dr Kenji Hosomi, Miss SangHoon Hwang, Dr Yudai Ichikawa, Prof KenIchi Imai, Ms ShinHyun Kim, Dr JongWon Lee
166 Thermal Charm And Charmonium Production In Quark Gluon Plasma A/Prof pengfei zhuang, Dr Kai Zhou, A/Prof carsten greiner
167 Constraining The Density Dependence Of The Symmetry Energy Using The Multiplicity And Avergage P_t Ratios Of Charged Pions Dr Dan Cozma
168 Theoretical Analysis Of Proton Emission Following Beta-decay Of 56Zn Prof Werner Richter
169 Recent Developments In Shape Coexistence Studies Dr Wolfram Korten
170 Four-body Treatment Of Inclusive Breakup Of Borromean Nuclei Prof Mahir Hussein, Prof Brett Carlson, Prof Tobias Frederico
171 The Ultracold Neutron Facility For Fundamental Physics And The High-sensitivity Search For An Electric Dipole Moment Of The Neutron At The Paul Scherrer Institute. Dr Bernhard Lauss
172 Weak Decay Of Lambda-hypernuclei: Future Perspectives Of A Powerful Discovery Tool Dr Alessandro Feliciello
173 3Λh Lifetime: An Open Issue In Hypernuclear Physics Prof elena botta, Dr Alessandro Feliciello
174 Exploring The Onset Of The N=60 Shape Coexistence In Sr Prof Reiner Kruecken
175 Nuclear Reaction 41k(alpha,n)44mgsc And Isomeric Cross Section Ratios Dr Tatjana Chuvilskaya
176 New Prospects For Automated Particle Identification Prof Sherry Yennello
178 Excess Of J/Ψ Yield At Very Low P In Au+Au Collisions At 200 GeV And U+U At 193 GeV With STAR Dr Wangmei Zha
179 Shape Coexistence At N=Z Spectroscopy Of The Tz = -1 Nucleus 70Kr Dr Kathrin Wimmer, Ms Tuba Arici, Dr Pieter Doornenbal, Dr Wolfram Korten
180 Formation Spectra Of Charmed Meson-nucleus Systems Via pbar-p Reaction Dr Junko Yamagata-Sekihara, Prof Carmen Garcia Recio, Prof Juan Nieves, Prof Lorenzo Luis Salcedo, Dr Laura Tolos
181 Temperature Dependence Of Dimension 6 Gluon Operators Mr HyungJoo Kim, Prof Su Houng Lee, Prof Kenji Morita
183 The Reopening Of The Research Activities Of The Hypernuclear And Hadron Physics At The J-PARC Hadron Hall Prof KAZUHIRO TANAKA
184 Kaon Electromagnetic Form Factor Dr Fei Gao, Dr Lei Chang, Prof Craig D. Roberts, Prof Yu-Xin Liu
185 Gamma-ray Spectroscopy Into The Neutron-rich A~90 Region Dr Volker Werner, Mr M. Lettmann, Dr P. Doornenbal, Dr A. Obertelli, Mr C. Lizarazo, Mr S. Chen, Mr SEASTAR Collaboration
186 Collinear Laser Spectroscopy For Nuclear Structure Studies At NSCL Prof Paul Mantica, Dr Kei Minamisono, Mr Andrew Miller, Dr David Garand
187 The ARIEL Facility At TRIUMF, Science Opportunities And Status Prof Jens Dilling
188 Measurements Of Beta-delayed Neutron Emission Using Trapped Ions Dr Nicholas Scielzo
189 Search For A Ξ Bound State In The 12C(K-,K+)X Reaction At 1.8 Gev/c Prof Tomofumi Nagae
191 MARA, Mass Analyzing Recoil Apparatus, A New Tool At JYFLACCLAB Dr Juha Uusitalo, Mr Jari Partanen, Dr Jan Saren, Mr Juha Tuunanen
192 First Results from Phase π Of The GERDA Experiment Dr Konstantin Gusev
193 Nuclear Structure Studies With The Penning Trap Mass Spectrometer MLLTRAP At ALTO Dr Enrique Minaya Ramirez, Dr Bertram Blank, Dr Serge Franchoo, Dr Araceli Lopez-Martens, Dr Peter G. Thirolf, Dr Jean-Charles Thomas, Dr Christine Weber
194 T = 2 IAS In 52Co And Its Impact On The Understanding Of Beta-decay Of 52Ni Prof Yu-Hu Zhang
195 Tests Of Partial Dynamical Symmetries In Deformed And Transitional Nuclei Prof Richard Casten
197 Search For Double Beta Decay Of 106 Cd With The TGV-2 Spectrometer Dr Nikolay Rukhadze, Prof Victor Brudanin, Prof Vyacheslav Egorov, Dr Konstantin Gusev, Dr Alexandr Klimenko, Dr Fabrice Piquemal, Miss Ekaterina Rukhadze, Dr Alexandr Salamatin, Dr Yuriy Shitov, Dr Ivan Stekl
198 Nuclear Data For Nuclear Sciences And Applications Dr Paraskevi Dimitriou
199 A New Low-energy Plastic Scintillation Neutron Detector For Real Time Pulse Shape Discrimination Dr Laszlo Stuhl, Dr Kentaro Yako, Dr Masaki Sasano, Mr Jumpei Yasuda, Dr Tomohiro Uesaka
200 Particle Production In Relativistic Nuclear Collisions And The Phase Structure Of QCD Prof Peter Braun-Munzinger
202 Status Of Super Heavy Element Synthesis Experiments And Results Of Recent 48Ca+ 251Cf Experiments Dr Mark Stoyer
203 Direct Virtual Photon Production In Au + Au Collisions At 200 Gev At STAR Dr Chi Yang
204 Spectroscopy With Multi-hadron Interpolators In Lattice QCD Mr Adrian Kiratidis, Dr Waseem Kamleh, Prof Derek Leinweber, Dr Zhan-Wei Liu
206 Charge Exchange Reactions Of 12C- 19C And The Beta-decay Strength Prof Isao Tanihata
207 First Experiments With The Spirit-TPC Dr Mizuki Kurata-Nishimura
208 Quark Star In A Strong Magnetic Field Mr Kaiyu Itokazu, Mr Naotaka Yoshinaga, Mr Kota Yanase
209 Shape Evolution Of Neutron-rich Nuclei In The Vicinity Of 110Zr Dr Toshiyuki Sumikama, Mr J. Ha, Dr F. Browne, Prof A.M. Bruce
210 Magnetic Properties Of Quark Matter With The Inhomogeneous Chiral Condensate Mr Ryo Yoshiike, Prof Toshitaka Tatsumi
211 Supernova Neutrino Process And Sensitivity To Neutrino Temperatures Dr Takehito Hayakawa, Dr Ko Nakamura, Dr Motohiko Kusakabe, Prof Toshitaka Kajino, Prof Satoshi Chiba, Dr Nobuyuki Iwamoto, Prof Myung-Ki Cheoun, Prof Grant J Mathews
212 Inelastic Scattering Of Ni And Zn Isotopes Off A Proton Target Ms Martha Liliana Cortes, Dr Pieter Doornenbal, Dr Alexandre Obertelli, Prof Norbert Pietralla, Dr Volker Werner
213 Estimating Transport Coefficients In Hot And Dense Quark Matter Prof Hiranmaya Mishra, Dr Paramita Deb, Mr Guruprasad Kadam
214 Nuclear Astrophysics With Charged Particle Detectors And Gamma-beams At The ELI-NP In Romania Prof Moshe Gai
215 The 40Ca + 58,64Ni Sub-barrier Fusion Reactions: Interplay Between Inelastic And Transfer Channels Prof Sandrine Courtin
217 Study Of 12-lambda-be Neutron-rich Hypernucleus Production Via The 12c(k-, Pi+)x Reaction Dr Ryotaro Honda
218 Fission-fragments Mass Distribution In 246,249Bk Heavy Actinide Nuclei Mr RAKESH KUMAR DUBEY
219 Towards A New Quality Of High-precision Half-life Measurements: 63Fe, 53Mn,146Sm,32Si Dr Rugard Dressler, Dr Zeynep Talip, Dr Emilio Andrea Maugeri, Dr Stephan Heinitz, Dr Dorothea Schumann
220 Quantum State Selective Decay Spectroscopy Of 213 Ra And 53Co Mr Christian Lorenz, Dr Luis Sarmiento, Prof Dirk Rudolph, Dr Pavel Golubev, Dr Anu Kankainen, Dr Tommi Eronen, Prof Ari Jokinen, Dr Sami Rinta-Antila, Prof Michael Block, Dr Jürgen Gerl
221 The Foot (Fragmentation Of Target) Experiment Prof Vincenzo Patera
222 Neutrino Induced Meson Production Reactions On Nucleon And Deuteron Dr Toru Sato, Dr Satoshi Nakamura, Dr Hiroyuki Kamano
223 Direct Breakup Rections Of 8B At Fermi Energy Prof Jian-Song Wang
224 Projectile Fragmentation In Prespec-agata: Exotic-nuclei Production Mechanisms Via Isomeric Ratios Miss Natasa Lalovic, Dr Luis Sarmiento, Prof Dirk Rudolph, Dr Juergen Gerl, Prof Zsolt Podolyak
226 Neutron Flux Determination By High Accuracy Temperature Measurement Mr Josef Svoboda
227 Neutron Parton Structure And The Light-front Spectral Function Of 3He Prof Emanuele Pace, Dr Alessio Del Dotto, Prof Leonid Kaptari, Dr Matteo Rinaldi, Dr Giovanni Salme', Prof Sergio Scopetta
228 Neutron Star Structure Explored With A Family Of Unified Equations Of State Of Neutron Star Matter Prof Kazuhiro Oyamatsu, Dr Hajime Sotani, Prof Kei Iida
229 Exotic Glue: The Gluonic Transversity Structure Function Dr Phiala Shanahan
230 Reaction Dynamics For The Systems7Be,8B+208 Pb At Energies Around The Coulomb Barrier Dr Marco Mazzocco, Mr Alfonso Boiano, Mr Ciro Boiano, Prof Marco La Commara, Mr Christian Manea, Dr Concetta Parascandolo, Dr Dimitra Pierroutsakou, Prof Cosimo Signorini, Dr Emanuele Strano, Dr Torresi Domenico
231 Progress On Neutrino-proton Neutral-current Scattering In Microboone Prof Stephen Pate
232 Impact Of The First-forbidden Beta Decay On The Production Of The A~195 R-process Peak Prof Zsolt Podolyak
233 Role Of The Delta Resonance In The Population Of A Four-particle State In The 56 Fe-> 54Fe Reaction Prof Zsolt Podolyak
234 Laser Spectroscopy On Nobelium Isotopes At GSI Dr Sebastian Raeder, Prof H. Backe, Prof M. Block, Mr P. Chhetri, Dr F. Giacoppo, Dr P. Kunz, Dr M. Laatiaoui, Mr F. Lautenschläger, Dr W. Lauth, Dr Th. Walther
235 Measurement Of The Heaviest Beta-delayed Neutron-emitters With Belen Dr Iris Dillmann, Mr R Caballero-Folch, Mr C Domingo-Pardo, Mr J Agramunt, Mr A Algora, Mr F Calvino, Mr G Cortes, Mr J L Tain, Mr T Martinez, Mrs B Rubio
236 Proton Distribution Radii Of 12-19C Illuminate Features Of Neutron Halos And Equation Of State Prof Rituparna Kanungo
237 Measurements Of Stellar And Big-bang Nucleosynthesis Reactions Using Inertially-confined Plasmas Dr Alex Zylstra, Dr H.W. Herrmann, Dr M. Gatu Johnson, Dr Y.H. Kim, Dr J.A. Frenje, Dr G. Hale, Dr C.K. Li, Dr M. Rubery, Dr M. Paris, Prof A. Bacher
238 Validation Of Geant4 Fragmentation For Heavy Ion Therapy Mr David Bolst, Dr Francesco Romano, Dr Luciano Pandola, Dr GAP Cirrone, Dr Giacomo Cuttone, Prof Anatoly Rosenfeld, Dr Susanna Guatelli
239 Phenix Results On Collective Behavior In Small Systems Prof Julia Velkovska
240 Probing Effect Of Tensor Interactions In Light Nuclei Via High-momentum Neutron-transfer Reaction Dr Hooi Jin Ong
241 Probing Quasifission In Reactions Forming Rn Nucleus Ms A Shamlath, A/Prof Prasad E, Mr Laveen P. V., Dr Madhavan N, Mr Gehlot J, Dr Vinodkumar A. M., Dr Nasirov A. K., Dr Giardina G, Dr Mandaglio G, Dr Nath S
242 Strange Quark from Parity-violating E-p Scattering With Constraints from Charge Symmetry Violation Mr ALI ABDULLAH M ALKATHIRI, A/Prof Ross Young, Dr James Zanotti
243 Role Of Isospin Degree Of Freedom And Model Ingredients In Light Particles And Entropy Production Ms Sukhjit Kaur, Prof Rajeev K. Puri
244 Twist-3 Spin Asymmetries And Parton Correlations In High-energy Processes Prof Yuji Koike
245 Dark Matter Search At Accelerators Dr battaglieri marco
247 The New Stage Of S = -2 Hypernuclear Study Opened With A New High-resolution Spectrometer Dr Shunsuke Kanatsuki, Dr Hiroyuki Ekawa, Dr Toshiyuki Gogami, Dr Erina Hirose, Dr Yudai Ichikawa, Prof Seigo Kato, Dr Manabu Moritsu, Prof Tomofumi Nagae, Prof Hitoshi Takahashi, Prof Toshiyuki Takahashi
248 Development Of Secondary Electron Time Detector For Ion Beams Mr Shinji Suzuki
249 Neutral Mesons And Direct Photons In p-p And Pb-Pb Collisions At Mid-rapidity With ALICE At The LHC Ms Lucia Leardini
250 Cluster Decay Of The High-lying Excited States In 14C Prof Yanlin Ye, Mr Zhengyang Tian, Ms Wei Jiang, Prof Chengjian Lin
251 Hyperon Single-particle Potentials from QCD On Lattice A/Prof Takashi Inoue
252 Pion Production In Tev Energy Region Under Strong Magnetic Fields In Relativistic Quantum Approach Prof Tomoyuki Maruyama, Prof Toshitaka Kajino, Prof Myong-Ki Cheouns, Prof Grant Mathew
253 Asymmetric Neutrino Emissions In Strongly Magnetized Matter In Relativistic Quantum Approach Prof Tomoyuki Maruyama, Prof Toshitaka Kajino, Prof Myong-Ki Cheouns, Prof Grant Mathew
255 High Precision Measurement Of The 3-alpha Decay from The Hoyle State In The 12C(12C,3α) Reaction A/Prof Masatoshi Itoh
256 Present status and future prospects of n-EDM experiment of PNPI-ILL-PTI collaboration Prof Anatolii Serebrov
257 Experiment Neutrino-4 Search For Sterile Neutrino With Multisection Detector Model Prof Anatolii Serebrov
258 Australian Facility For Noble-gas Radio Isotope Measurements Using Atom Trap Trace Analysis (ATTA) Dr Philip Light, Prof Robert Sang, Dr Axel Suckow, Prof Pere Masque, Prof Carolyn Oldham, Dr Dioni Cendon, Dr Bear McPhail, Dr Mike Hotchkis, Prof Stephen Eggins, Prof Andre Luiten
259 Predictions For Alpha Half-lives Of Superheavy Nuclei from A Modified Brown Empirical Formula Dr Andreea-Ioana Budaca, Dr Radu Budaca, Dr Ion Silisteanu
260 Molecular Structures And Monopole Transitions In Two-center Dr Makoto Ito
261 Sign Of Enhanced Three Alpha Matter Radius In Alpha + 12C Inelastic Scattering Dr Makoto Ito
262 Crcvm + Abc Calculation For The Three-body Continuum Dr Makoto Ito
263 Microscopic Coupled-channels Study Of The Alpha Cluster Structures In 19Ne Dr Makoto Ito
264 Experiment On Search For n-nbar Oscillations Using A Projected UCN Source At The WWR-M Reactor Prof Anatolii Serebrov, Dr Alexey Fomin, Prof Yuri Kamyshkov
265 Isochronous Mass Measurement Of The Neutron-deficient Copper Isotope Dr Peng Shuai
267 Neutrino Nuclear Responses For Double Beta Decays And Supernova Neutrinos Prof Hidetoshi Akimune, Prof Hiroyasu Ejiri
270 Exposing The Structure Of The Pion Dr Ian Cloet
272 Study Of Freeze-out Dynamics In Relativistic Nuclear Collisions Dr Oana Ristea, Dr Alexandru Jipa, Dr Catalin Ristea, Dr Ionel Lazanu, Dr Tiberiu Esanu, Dr Marius Calin
273 Relativistic Approach To Nuclear Spin-isospin Excitations Including Quasiparticle-vibration Coupling Dr Caroline Robin
274 Nuclear Reactions And Neutrinos In Supernovae Prof Silvio Cherubini
275 New Insights On The Collision Dynamics In Relativistic Nuclear Collisions Dr Catalin Ristea, Dr Oana Ristea, Dr Alexandru Jipa, Dr Ionel Lazanu, Dr Tiberiu Esanu, Dr Marius Calin
278 Crossing The Drip-line In The Vicinity Of 100Sn Dr Marek Lewitowicz
279 The Mu2e Experiment At FNAL Dr Ed Hungerford
280 The Darkside Experiment Dr Ed Hungerford
281 Highly-segmented Digital Tracking Calorimeter For Proton-CT Prof Dieter Roehrich, Dr Odd Harald Odland, Prof Thomas Peitzmann, Mr Helge Pettersen, Dr Elena Rocco, Mr Hongkai Wang, Mr Chunhui Zhang
282 Direct Measurements Of Astrophysical Reactions Using Radioactive Ion Beams Dr Gavin Lotay
283 Effects Of Meson-nucleon Dynamics In A Relativistic Approach To Medium-mass Nuclei A/Prof Elena Litvinova
284 Search For Double Gamow-Teller Giant Resonance Via Heavy-ion Double Charge Exchange Reaction Mr Motonobu Takaki, Dr Tomohiro Uesaka, Prof Susumu Shimoura
285 Kaonic Atoms As Probe For Low-energy QCD A/Prof Johann Zmeskal
286 The Time Reversal Invariance Experiment At Cosy (TRIC) Dr Dieter Eversheim
287 Nucleosynthesis Reactions With The High-intensity Saraf-lilit Neutron Source Mr Moshe Tessler, Prof Michael Paul, Dr Shlomi Halfon, Dr Leonid Weissman, Dr Melina Avila Coronado, Dr Richard Pardo, Dr Mario Weigand, Prof Carlos Guerrero, Dr Dorothea Schumann, Prof Moshe Gai
288 Locations Of Breakup In Reactions Near The Fusion Barrier Dr Edward Simpson, Miss Kaitlin Cook, Prof Mahananda Dasgupta, Dr Sunil Kalkal, Dr Huy Luong, Mr Ian Carter, Prof David Hinde
289 Industrial Assay Of Gold And Other Elements In Mineral Ores Using Gamma Activation Analysis Dr James Tickner, Dr Chanel Tissot, Mr Justin Delaney
290 Systematic Studies Of E0 Transitions In 54,56,58 Fe Mr Tomas Eriksen
291 High-precision Half-life And Branching Ratio Measurements For Superallowed β+ Emitters At TRIUMF Mrs Michelle Dunlop
292 Measurement Of Longitudinal Single-spin Asymmetry For W Boson Production At Star Mr Jinlong Zhang
293 First Results from Griffin Including The Half-lives Of 128-130Cd Mr Ryan Dunlop
294 The Light-quark Magnetic Moment Of The Lambda(1405) Antikaon-nucleon Molecule Dr Jonathan Hall, Prof Derek Leinweber
295 Possible Formation Of High Temperature Superconductor At Early Stage Of Heavy-ion Collisions Ms Hao Liu, A/Prof Lang Yu, A/Prof Maxim Chernodub, Prof Mei Huang
296 Density Distributions of 11Li Deduced from Reaction Cross Section Measurements Dr Tetsuaki Moriguchi, Prof Akira Ozawa, Prof Shigeru Ishimoto, Prof Mitsunori Fukuda, Dr Daisuke Nagae, Dr Daiki Nishimura, Prof Takashi Ohtsubo, Prof Takeshi Suzuki, Dr Maya Takechi, Prof Takayuki Yamaguchi
297 Centrality Issues In Asymmetric Collisions: Direct Photons To The Rescue? Dr Gabor David
298 Search For Neutrino-less Double Beta Decay Of 48Ca- Candles - Dr Saori Umehara
300 Possible Signature Of Tensor Interactions Observed Via (p,dn) Reaction Dr Satoru Terashima, Dr Hooi Jin Ong, Ms Lei Yu
301 Recent Results from The Phenix Collaboration At RHIC Dr Alexandre Lebedev
302 Study Of The Charge Symmetry Breaking Effect In A=4 Lambda-hypernuclei Via Gamma-ray Spectroscopy Dr Mifuyu Ukai
304 Hyperon-nucleon Scattering In A Covariant Chiral Effective Field Theory Approach Mr Kai-Wen Li, Dr Xiu-Lei Ren, Prof Li-Sheng Geng
305 Simultaneous Photoproduction Of Neutral And Charged Pions On The Deuteron At ELPH Dr Takatsugu Ishikawa
306 First Result from Scrit Electron Scattering Facility : Charge Density Distribution Of 132 Xe Dr Kyo Tsukada, Dr Akitomo Enokizono
307 Electromagnetic Form Factors Of Nucleon Eexcitations from Lattice QCD Mr Finn Stokes, Dr Waseem Kamleh, Prof Derek Leinweber, Dr Benjamin Owen
308 Precise Neutron Lifetime Experiment Using Pulsed Neutron Beams At J-PARC Mr Naoki Nagakura, A/Prof Katsuya Hirota, Ms Sei Ieki, Dr Takashi Ino, A/Prof Yoshihisa Iwashita, A/Prof Masaaki Kitaguchi, Mr Ryunosuke Kitahara, A/Prof Kenji Mishima, Ms Aya Morishita, Dr Hideyuki Oide
309 Sharaq Spectrometer: High-resolution Spectroscopy Using Exotic Beams And Reactions Dr Shin'ichiro Michimasa
310 Oedo Beamline: New Energy-degrading Ion Optics Of RI Beams Dr Shin'ichiro Michimasa
311 Probing Bilinear R-parity Violating Susy Through $\tau$-neutrino In Neutrino-nucleus Scattering Dr Pankaj Sharma, Prof Anthony Thomas, Dr Shivani Gupta
312 The MTV Experiment: from T-violation To Lorentz-violation Prof Jiro Murata
313 The Role Of Nonaxial Shapes In Neutron-rich Exotic Nuclei Dr Alan John Mitchell
314 Discrete Symmetry Tests In Neutron-induced Compound States Prof Hirohiko Shimizu, Prof William M. Snow, Prof Vladimir Gudkov
315 Study On Neutron-neutron Correlation In Borromean Nucleus 11Li Via The Quasi-free (p,pn) Reaction Mr Yuki Kubota, Dr Anna Corsi, Dr Tomohiro Uesaka, Dr Masaki Sasano, Dr Alexandre Obertelli
317 Improving Polynomial-filtered Hybrid Monte Carlo With Hasenbusch Mr Taylor Haar, Dr Waseem Kamleh, Dr James Zanotti
318 Nuclear Structure At N = 29: The Structure Of 47Ar And First Spectroscopy Of 45S Prof Alexandra Gade
319 The Super Bigbite Spectrometer (SBS) Physics Program At Jefferson Laboratory Dr Alexandre Camsonne, Prof Brian Quinn, Dr Bogdan Wojtsekhowski, A/Prof Vincenzo Bellini
320 Pairing Nambu-goldstone Modes And Binding-energy Differences Of Even-even Nuclei Dr Nobuo Hinohara, Prof Witold Nazarewicz
321 The Low Q2 Chicane And Compton Polarimeter At JLab EIC Dr Alexandre Camsonne, Dr David Gaskell, Dr Joshua Hoskins
322 Study Of Gamow-Teller Transitions from 132Sn Via The Inverse Kinematics (p,n) Reaction Dr Masaki Sasano, Mr J. Yasuda
323 Light Flavour Hadron Production In Proton-proton Collisions At 13 TeV With Alice At The LHC Mr Sourav Kundu
324 Chiral Corrections To Electromagnetic Form Factors In The NJL Model Dr Manuel Carrillo-Serrano, Mr Robert Perry, Prof Anthony Thomas
325 Measurement Of Angular Correlations In The (N, γ) Reaction For T Violation Search Mr Takuya Okudaira, Prof Hirohiko Shimizu, A/Prof Masaaki Kitaguchi, A/Prof Katsuya Hirota, A/Prof Tamaki Yoshioka, Mr Shusuke Takada, Mr Tomoki Yamamoto, Ms Anju Okada, Dr Kenji Sakai, Dr Takashi Ino
326 Double Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering Opportunities At Jefferson Laboratory Dr Alexandre Camsonne, Dr Eric Voutier, Dr Kondo Gnanvo, Dr Marie Boer, Prof Nikolaos Sparvery
327 Confrontation Of Experimental Data For Asymmetric Reactions In The Perspectives Of Dynamical Models Ms Samiksha Sood, Mr Rohit Kumar, Prof Rajeev K. Puri
328 Suppression Of Fusion In Heavy Ion Collisions Miss Dongyun Jeung
329 Gamma-electron Coincidence Spectroscopy With Solenogam: First Measurements With A 182 Re Source Mr Matthew Gerathy, Dr Matthew Reed, Dr Gregory Lane, Dr Tibor Kibedi, Dr Sankha Hota, Prof Andrew Stuchbery
330 Galactic Dark Matter Search With The Sabre Detector Dr Greg Lane
331 Photon Scattering Measurement On 52cr With Linearly Polarized Photon Beam At Newsubaru Dr Toshiyuki Shizuma, Dr Takehito Hayakawa, Dr Futoshi Minato, Dr Izuru Daito, Prof Hideaki Ohgaki, Prof Shuji Miyamoto
332 Muonium Hyperfine Splitting Measurement In J-PARC Prof koichiro shimomura, Mr Sohtaro Kanda
333 High-spin Spectroscopy Of Proton-neutron Hole Couplings In N < 126 Radium Isotopes Mr Thomas Palazzo, Dr Matthew Reed, Prof Andrew Stuchbery, Dr Gregory Lane, Dr Tibor Kibedi, Dr Sankha Hota, Dr Nyaladzi Palalani, Dr Alan Mitchell, Mr Aqeel Akber, Mr Matthew Gerathy
334 Fast Timing Capability For The Caesar Array Mr Aqeel Akber, Dr Matthew Reed, Dr Greg Lane, Prof Andrew Stutchbery, Mr Matthew Gerathy, Dr Sankha Hota, Dr Alan Mitchell, Mr Thomas Palazzo
335 Vacuum Correlation Between The Electromagnetic And Strong Forces Mr Joshua Charvetto
336 Development Of Laser Spectroscopic Method Using Superfluid Helium For The Study Of Low-yield Nuclei Dr Kei IMAMURA
337 Time-of-flight Mass Measurements Of Neutron-rich Calcium Isotopes Beyond N = 34 Mr Motoki Kobayashi
338 Improved Hadronic Matrix Element Extraction Using The Variational Method Mr Jack Dragos, Dr James Zanotti, Mr Ross Young, Mr Waseem Kamleh
339 Development Of 131Xe Co-magnetometry For Xe Atomic EDM Search Dr Tomoya Sato
340 Use Of Accelerator Mass Spectrometry In Research On Fallout Plutonium And Uranium from Nuclear Tests Dr Michael Hotchkis, Mr David Child
341 Microscopic Analysis Of Elastic Scattering Based On Chiral Two- And Three-nucleon Forces Mr Masakazu Toyokawa, Prof Masanobu Yahiro, Dr Takuma Matsumoto, Dr Kosho Minomo, A/Prof Kazuyuki Ogata, Prof Michio Kohno
342 Estimation Of Supernova-neutrino Nuclear Responses Ms Wafa Almosly, Dr Emanuel Ydrefors, Prof Jouni Suhonen
343 Feasibility Study Of Neutron Wavelength Compressor For EDM Measurement Dr Masaaki Kitaguchi, Prof Yoshihisa Iwashita, Prof Hirohiko Shimizu
344 Reconciling Observations And Models Of Thermonuclear Bursts With Nuclear Experiments Dr Duncan Galloway
345 Shell Evolution, Shape Transition And Shape Coexistence With Realistic Nuclear Forces Prof Takaharu Otsuka, Dr Yusuke Tsunoda, Dr Tomoaki Togashi, Dr Naofumi Otsuka, A/Prof Noritaka Shimizu, Prof Kazuo Takayanagi, Prof Toshio Suzuki, Prof Morten Hjorth-Jensen
346 Reaction Cross Section Of The Two-neutron Halo Nucleus 22C At 235 MeV/nucleon Dr Yasuhiro Togano, Prof Takashi Nakamura, Dr Yosuke Kondo, Prof Jeff Tostevin, Dr Atsumi Saito, Dr Julien Gibelin, Prof Nigel Orr
347 Heavy-flavour Production In Pb-Pb Collisions At The LHC Measured By Alice Prof Dieter Roehrich, Dr ALICE collaboration
348 Recent Advances In Nuclear Structure Physics from Photonuclear Reactions Prof Norbert Pietralla
349 Electroweak Polarisabilities Using Feynman-hellmann On The Lattice Mr Alex Chambers, Mr Kim Somfleth, A/Prof Ross Young, Dr James Zanotti
350 6 Li Structure Information from2 He (α,α) 2 He Scattering Dr Paul Fraser, Mr Kym Massen-Hane, A/Prof Ken Amos, A/Prof Alisher Kadyrov, Prof Igor Bray
351 Voltage Calibration And Energy Spread Measurement For Juna 400 Kv Accelerator Dr Shuo Wang
352 Type I X-ray Burst Simulations With Time-dependent Accretion Rates Mr Zac Johnston, Prof Alexander Heger, Dr Duncan Galloway
353 Measuring The Ground State Hyperfine Splitting Of Antihydrogen Ms Bernadette Kolbinger
354 Fluctuations In The Inhomogeneous Chiral Transition Prof Toshitaka Tatsumi, Dr Tong-Gyu Lee, Mr Ryo Yoshiike
355 The Role Of Tensor Force In Heavy-ion Fusion Reactions A/Prof Lu Guo, Mr Long Shi, Mr Chong Yu, A/Prof Cedric Simenel
356 Multidimensional Structure Of Chiral Crystals In Quark Matter Dr Tong-Gyu Lee, Mr Kazuya Nishiyama, Dr Nobutoshi Yasutake, Dr Toshiki Maruyama, Dr Toshitaka Tatsumi
357 Hybrid Quark Stars With Strong Magnetic Field Prof Toshitaka Tatsumi, Dr Hajime Sotani
358 The Performance Of The Scrit Detectors For Electron-RI Scattering Experiment Dr Akitomo Enokizono
359 The Rare Isotope Science Project: Development Progress Of ISOL System Dr Byounghwi Kang, Dr Hironobu Ishiyama, Dr Jin Ho Lee, Dr Sung Jong Park, Mr Chang Seog Seo, Mr Won Joo Hwang, Dr Jin Woo Yoon, Dr Kyung Ho Tshoo, Dr Chong Cheol Yun, Dr Sun Chan Jeong
360 The First Measurement Of Cross Section For The7Be(n,a)4He Reaction Near The Threshold Energy A/Prof Takahiro Kawabata
361 Improved 3He (K -,Λp)n Spectroscopy To Search For The Kbarnn Bound State With J-PARC E-15 2nd Data Mr Takumi Yamaga
362 Nucleon Magnetic Properties from Lattice QCD And The Background Field Method Mr Ryan Bignell, Dr Waseem Kamleh, Prof Derek Leinweber
363 Study Of Spin-dipole 0- States Via Parity-transfer (16o,16f(0-)) Reaction Dr Masanori Dozono, Prof Tomohiro Uesaka
364 ELI-NP Facility Construction And Overview Of The Experimental Programme Dr Ovidiu Tesileanu, Dr Dimiter Balabanski, Dr Sydney Gales, Dr Razvan Popescu, Dr Dan Stutman, Dr Calin Alexandru Ur, Dr Daniel Ursescu, Prof Nicolae Victor Zamfir
365 Carbon Fusion Reaction In The Universe And Laboratories Dr Xiaodong Tang
366 Nuclear Burning In The First Stars Prof Alexander Heger, Prof Stan Woosley, Mr Conrad Chan, Dr Xiaodong Tang, A/Prof Falk Herwig, Prof Hendrik Schatz, Mr Eric Deleeuw
367 Measurement Of Resonance Parameter In The (N,γ) Reaction For T Violation Search Mr Shusuke Takada
368 Various Crystalline Struactures Of Pseudoscalar Condensates In Isospin Asymmetric Quark Matter Mr Kazuya Nishiyama, Dr Toshitaka Tatsumi
369 Search For The Electron EDM With Laser-cooled Francium Atoms Dr Takeshi Inoue, Dr Umakanth Dammalapati, Dr Ken-ichi Harada, A/Prof Masatoshi Itoh, Ms Saki Ito, Dr Hirokazu Kawamura, Mr Kosuke Sakamoto, Dr Kazuo Tanaka, Ms Aiko Uchiyama, Ms Risa Yoshioka
370 The Scrit Electron Scattering Facility At Riken RI Beam Factory Dr Tetsuya Ohnishi, Dr Akitomo Enokizono, Dr Shin-ichi Ichikawa, Prof Kazuyoshi Kurita, Prof Toshimi Suda, Dr Kyo Tsukada, Dr Masanori Wakasugi, Dr Masamitsu Watanabe
371 Tracking The Emergence Of Nuclear Collectivity Through Moments And Monopoles Prof Andrew Stuchbery, Dr Tibor Kibedi
372 Study Of Halo Nature Via Reaction And Neutron Removal Cross Sections Dr Takuma Matsumoto, Dr Shin Watanabe, Prof Masanobu Yahiro
373 Sub-barrier Fusion Of Si + Si Systems: Does The Deformation Of 28Si Play A Role? Ms Giulia Colucci, Dr Giovanna Montagnoli, Dr Alberto M. Stefanini
374 Laser Ion Source Development At The Isol Off-line Test Facility Of Risp Dr Sung Jong Park, Dr Jin-Woo Yoon, Dr Byoung-Hwi Kang, Dr Hironobu Ishiyama, Dr Jin-Ho Lee, Mr Chang-seog Seo, Mr Won-Joo Hwang, Mr Yong-Hak Kim, Mr Jae-Won Jeong, Dr Hyung-Joo Woo
375 New Reaction Rates Of 64Ge(p,γ)65As(p,γ)66Se And The Impact On Type I X-ray Bursts Dr Yek Wah Lam, Prof Jianjun He, Prof Anuj Parikh, Prof Hendrik Schatz, Prof B. Alex Brown, Prof Meng Wang, Prof Bing Guo, Prof Yuhu Zhang, Prof Xiaohong Zhou, Prof Hushan Xu
377 Experiment Of The (N,g) Reaction For Discrete Symmetry A/Prof Katsuya HIrota, Prof Hirohiko M. Shimizu, A/Prof Masaaki Kitaguchi, Mr Takuya Okudaira, Miss Anju Okada, Mr Tomoki Yamamoto, A/Prof Tamaki Yoshioka, Mr Shusuke Takada, A/Prof Takashi Ino, Dr Kenji Sakai
378 Developments Of RIB Target Module And Remote Handling System At RISP Dr Jin Ho Lee, Mr Chang-Seog Seo, Dr Hironobu Ishiyama, Dr Byoung-Hwi Kang, Dr Mi-Jung Kim, Dr Jae Cheon Kim, Dr Sung Jong Park, Mr Wonjoo Hwang, Dr Suk Choi, Mr Yong-Hak Kim
379 Recent Results Of In-beam Gamma-ray Spectroscopy At The RIBF Dr Pieter Doornenbal
381 First Spectroscopy Of The Doubly-magic 78Ni Mr Ryo Taniuchi, Dr Clementine Santamaria, Dr Pieter Doornenbal, Dr Alexandre Obertelli, Dr Kenichiro Yoneda
382 Status Of The Amore Experiment Searching For Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Of 100Mo Dr Hyon-Suk Jo
383 The Rare-ri Ring At Riken RI Beam Factory Dr Yoshitaka Yamaguchi
384 Probing Big Bang Nucleosynthesis Deep Underground Dr Carlo Gustavino
385 Probing Nuclear PDF And Gluon Saturation At The LHC With Forward Direct Photons Dr Mauro Rogerio Cosentino
387 Antimatter Gravity Measurement In A Beam - The AEgIS Experiment Prof Eberhard Widmann
388 Thermonuclear Bursts from Millisecond Pulsars: Matching Observations With Models Miss Adelle Goodwin, Mr Duncan Galloway
389 Reaction Mechanism Dependence Of The Population And Decay Of 10He Prof Michael Thoennessen
390 Cluster Structure Of P-shell Lambda Hypernuclei Within Fermonic Molecular Dynamics Mr Martin Schäfer, Dr Jiri Mares, Dr Thomas Neff, Prof Hans Feldmeier
391 Unusual Behavior Of Nuclear Charge Radii And Reaction Cross Section In N=28 Region Dr M Hemalatha, Miss N Maladkar, Dr Kailas S
392 Research Programs And Plans At The Soreq Applied Research Accelerator Facility - SARAF Dr Israel Mardor
393 Nuclear Robustness Of The R Process In Neutron-star Mergers Prof Gabriel Martinez-Pinedo, Dr Meng-Ru Wu, Dr Joel Mendoza-Temis, Prof Karlheinz Langanke, Dr Andreas Bauswein, Dr Hans-Thomas Janka
395 Equation Of State For Hybrid Stars With Strangeness Dr Tsuyoshi Miyatsu, Mr Takahide Kambe, Prof Koichi Saito
397 Search For Mixed-symmetry States In The Vicinity Of The Doubly-magic Nucleus Pb-208 Mr Robert Stegmann, Mrs Diana Kocheva, Dr Christian Stahl, Prof Georgi Rainovski, Prof Norbert Pietralla, Prof Chavdar Stoyanov, Prof Jan Jolie, Prof Robert V. F. Janssens, Dr Dimitar Tarpanov, Prof Piet Van Isacker
398 Cross Sections For Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering With CLAS Dr Hyon-Suk Jo
399 The AGATA Physics Campaign In GANIL: Results And Perspectives Prof Silvia Lenzi, Dr Emmanuel Clement, Dr Andres Gadea
400 A Compact Photon Source For The WACS Experiment At Jlab Prof Vincenzo Bellini, Dr Evaristo Cisbani, Dr Francesco Mammoliti, A/Prof Gabriel Niculescu, Dr Concetta Maria Sutera, Dr Francesco Tortorici, Dr Guido Maria Urciuoli, Dr Bogdan Wojtsekhowski
401 Oblate Deformation And Metastable States In Pt And Hg Isotopes Prof Sujit Tandel
402 Multiple Coulomb Excitation And Transfer Studies Of Neutron-rich Nuclei Beyond N=40 Prof Dennis Muecher
404 Signature Of Incomplete Fusion Reaction Dynamics In 18,16o + 51v At Moderate Excitation Energies. Dr AVINASH AGARWAL
405 N* Physics With Meson Photoproduction Prof David Ireland
406 Hadron Structure from The Feynman-Hellmann Theorem Mr Alexander Chambers
407 Importance Of Tensor Forces In Ground States Of Nuclei Through High-momentum Nucleons Prof Isao Tanihata, Dr HuiJing Ong, Dr Satoru Terashima, Prof Hiroshi Toki, A/Prof Takayuki Myo
408 First Online Mass Measurements Of Isobar Chains Via Mrtof-ms: Toward Direct Identification Of SHE Dr Yuta Ito
409 Solitonic Excitations In Collisions Of Superfluid Nuclei Dr Kazuyuki Sekizawa, Dr Gabriel Wlazłowski, Prof Piotr Magierski
410 Measurement Of Neutron Scattering With Noble Gas To Search For A Short-range Unknown Force At J-PARC Ms Noriko Oi, Prof Hirohiko Shimizu, A/Prof Masaaki Kitaguchi, A/Prof Katsuya Hirota, Mr Christopher Craig Haddock, Prof William Michael Snow, A/Prof Kenji Mishima, A/Prof Tamaki Yoshioka, Mr Takashi Ino, Mr Satoru Matsumoto
411 QCD Mechanisms In The Parton Structure Of Mesons Prof Peter Tandy
412 Variational Study Of Hyperon Effects On The Nuclear Equation Of State At Finite Temperature Dr Hajime Togashi, Prof Emiko Hiyama, Prof Masatoshi Takano
413 Study Of The Formation Of Superhaevy Element Z=122 Via Two Entrance Channels Ms Sahila Chopra, Prof Raj Kumar Gupta
414 Dipole Polarizability Of 48Ca And Implications For The Neutron Skin Thickness Prof Peter von Neumann-Cosel
415 Precision Measurements Of Neutron Decay With Nomos At PERC Dr Gertrud Konrad
417 The Statistical Properties Of 92Mo And Implications For The p-process Dr Gry Merete Tveten
418 A Cold Neutron Beam Facility For Particle Physics At The Ess Dr Gertrud Konrad, Prof Hartmut Abele, Prof Bastian Märkisch, Prof Ulrich Schmidt, Dr Camille Theroine, Dr Torsten Soldner
419 Study Of Compound Nucleus 220th* Using The Dynamical Cluster-decay Model Ms Hemdeep Mehmi, Ms Sahila Chopra, Prof Raj K. Gupta
420 Study Of 9 Li-alpha Cluster States In 13B Using The Resonant Scattering Method Dr Alessia Di Pietro, Dr J.P. Fernandez Garcia, Mr F. Ferrera, Dr P. Figuera, Dr M. Fisichella, Prof M. Lattuada, Dr D. Torresi, Dr M. Alcorta, Dr M.J. G.Borge, Dr T. Davinson
421 Antibaryon Interactions With The Nuclear Medium Mrs Jaroslava Hrtankova, Dr Jiri Mares
422 Key Reaction Rates Of s-process Nucleosynthesis And The Impacts Of Nuclear-physics Uncertainty Dr Nobuya Nishimura, Dr Gabriele Cescutti, Prof Raphael Hirschi, Prof Thomas Rauscher, Ms Jacqueline Hartogh, Prof Alexander Murphy
423 Deformed Structures And Shape Coexistence In98 Zr Dr Bruno Olaizola, Prof Paul Garrett
424 Recent Achievements In Fission Dynamics Investigated At High Energies Prof José Benlliure
425 Exposing The Mass At The Heart Of Visible Matter Dr Craig Roberts
426 Study Of High Lying Resonances In 9Be By The Measurement Of (p,p), (p,α) And (p,d) Reactions Prof Alinka Lepine-Szily
427 Theoretical Description Of Beta-delayed Proton Emission Of Proton-rich sd- And pf- Shell Nuclei Dr Yek Wah Lam, A/Prof Nadezda Smirnova
428 New Thermonuclear Reaction Rates In Rp Process Of Sd Shell Nuclei Dr Yek Wah Lam, A/Prof Nadezda Smirnova, Prof Werner Richter
429 Study Of Coulomb Dipole Polarization Effects On Reactions Induced By Exotic Nuclei Dr Juan Pablo Fernández-García, Dr M. A. G. Alvarez, Prof L. C. Chamon
430 Exploring The Fission Dynamics Of 210rn Nucleus Via Alpha Multiplicity Measurement Mr kushal kapoor, Dr Ashok Kumar, Mrs Navneet Kaur, Dr B.R. Behera, Dr K.P Singh, Miss Gurpreet Kaur, Miss Priya Sharma, Miss Ruchi Mahajan, Dr Hardev Singh, Mr Akhil Jhingan
431 Strange Nuclei: A New Dimension In Nuclear Physics Prof CHHANDA SAMANTA
433 Beam Thermalization At The National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory Dr Chandana Sumithrarachchi, Dr Kortney Cooper, Prof David Morrissey, Prof Guy Savard, Dr Stefan Schwarz, Dr Antonio Villari
435 Generation Of Quasi-monoenergetic Positrons Based On Laser Wakefield-accelerated Electrons Prof Yanyun Ma, Dr Qingjun Zhu, Dr Lichao Tian, Dr Zijia Zhao, Prof Nasr A. M. Hafz, Dr Song Li, Dr Mohammad Mirzaie, Miss Huan Liao
437 Shape Coexistence In The Neutron-deficient Hg Isotopes Studied Via Lifetime Measurements Dr Philipp Rudolf John, Mr Marco Siciliano, Dr Josè Javier Valiente-Dobòn, Dr Daniele Mengoni, Prof Santo Lunardi
440 Scattering Of The Halo Nucleus 11Be On A 197Au Target At Energies Around The Coulomb Barrier Prof Maria J G. Borge, Dr Antonio Moro, Dr Vicente Pesudo, Dr Jose Antonio Lay, Dr Enrique Nacher, Dr Joaquin Gomez-Camacho, Dr Olof Tengblad
444 Recent Heavy Ion Results from The ATLAS Experiment Prof John Butler, Prof Andrzej Olszewski
445 The Solenoidal Large Intensity Device (SOLID) Program In Hall A At Jefferson Laboratory Dr Alexandre Camsonne, Dr Jian-Ping Chen, Mr Abhay Deshpande
446 Exploring Nuclear Shell Evolution With Nucleon Transfer Reactions Prof Wilton Catford, Dr Adrien Matta, Prof Nigel Orr, Mr Andrew Knapton, Dr Ilker Can Celik, Dr Gemma Wilson, Dr Gavin Lotay, Dr Beatriz Fernandez Dominguez, Dr Christian Diget, Dr Greg Hackman
449 Transverse Momentum Dependent Distributions Dr Jianwei Qiu
450 The Search For Time-reversal Violation In Radium Nuclei Dr Matthew Dietrich, Dr Michael Bishof, Mr Kevin Bailey, Dr John Greene, Dr Roy Holt, Prof Wolfgang Korsch, Prof Zheng-Tian Lu, Dr Peter Mueller, Mr Thomas O'Connor, Prof Jaideep Singh
452 T(t,4he)2n And 3he(3he,4he)2n Reactions And The Energy Dependence Of Their Mechanisms Prof Andrew Bacher
453 Direct (α,p) Reaction Measurements With Helios And The Study Of 20 Ne(α,p)23Na Mr Jianping Lai, Dr Daniel Santiago-Gonzalez, A/Prof Catherine Deibel
454 Systematic Studies Of (p,t) Reactions On The Er Isotopes Prof Paul Garrett
455 Evaluation Of Quantum Monte Carlo Overlaps In Light-ion Transfer Reactions Dr Scott Marley
457 Gamma-ray Spectroscopy Of Neutron-rich Nuclei Beyond N=50 Dr Jérémie Dudouet, Dr Antoine Lemasson, Mr Guillaume Maquart, Dr Gilbert Duchene
458 Symplectic No-core Configuration Interaction Calculations For P-shell Nuclei Ms Anna McCoy, Dr Mark Caprio, Dr Tomas Dytrych, Dr Tomas Dytrych
462 Leptonic CP Violation And Mass Hierarchy In The Presence Of Sterile Neutrino Dr Shivani Gupta, Mr Zachary Matthews, Dr Pankaj Sharma, Prof Anthony Williams
463 D Correlation Measurement In The Beta Decay Of Trapped And Polarized Ions Dr Pierre Delahaye
464 Status Of The Low-energy Facilities For Antiproton And Heavy-ion Experiments At FAIR Prof Stoehlker Thomas, Dr Angela Braeuning-Demian, Dr Michael Lestinsky, Prof Stefan Schippers, Prof Reinhold Schuch
465 Excitation Rates For Nuclear Isomers In Hot Plasma And Photon-plasmon Transitions In Positronium Mr Vasily Buyadzhi, Prof Olga Khetselius, Dr Anna Ignatenko, Dr Tatyana Florko
466 Electron Internal Conversion In Nuclides And Dynamic Enhancement And Chaos Elements Mr Vasily Buyadzhi, Dr Yuliya Dubrovskaya, Dr Yuliya Chernyakova, Dr Inga Serga
467 Energy Approach To Cooperative Electron-gamma- Nuclear Processes: Neet And Neec Effects Mr Vasily Buyadzhi, Prof Olga Khetselius, Mr Andrey Smirnov, Mrs Tatyana Kulakli
468 Resonance Phenomena In Heavy Nuclei Collisions And Ac/dc Stark Effect In Super Strong Laser Field Prof Alexander Glushkov
469 Parity Nonconservation In Heavy Finite Fermi-systems And Enhancement Of Electroweak Interaction Prof Alexander Glushkov, Prof Olga Khetselius, Dr Anna Kuznetsova, Ms Olga Antoshkina
470 Spectroscopy Of Heavy Hadronic (Pionic) Atoms: Energy Shifts And Widths And Strong Interaction Prof Alexander Glushkov, Prof Andrey Svinarenko, Dr Ludmila Lovett, Dr Anastasiya Bystryantseva, Dr Larisa Vitavetskaya, Mrs Alina Berestenko
472 Spectroscopy Of Heavy Quarkonia: Energy Levels Splitting And Relativistic Corrections Prof Alexander Glushkov, Mr Valery Mansarliysky, Ms Marina Gurskaya, Dr Yuliya Dubrovskaya, Prof Andrey Svinarenko
473 Electromagnetic Multipole Moments Of Baryons Dr Alfons Buchmann
476 Advanced Gamma-ray Tracking: New Sensitivity For Nuclear Structure And Astrophysics Studies Dr Caterina Michelagnoli
477 Effects Of Pairing Correlation On The Low-lying Quasiparticle Resonance In Neutron Drip-line Nuclei Prof Masayuki Matsuo
478 Interstellar Medium Near Earth – Mapped Through Live Fe-60, Al-26 And Pu-244 On Earth Dr Anton Wallner, Prof Jenny Feige, Prof Nori Kinoshita, Prof Michael Paul, Prof L. Keith Fifield, Prof Robin Golser, Prof M Honda, Prof U Linnemann, Prof H Matsuzaki, Prof et al
479 Nature Of 0+ States In Deformed Nuclei Prof Ani Aprahamian
480 UAV-based Mobile Gamma Spectrometry Prof Ralf Kaiser
481 Structure Of Finite Nuclei Starting At The Quark Level Prof Anthony Thomas
482 Direct Determination Of The Radiative Width Of The Hoyle State from Pair Conversion Dr Tibor Kibedi
484 Consequences Of Sub-zeptosecond Lifetimes In Near-barrier Reaction Dynamics Prof Mahananda Dasgupta, Ms K. J. Cook, Dr Sunil Kalkal, Dr E. C. Simpson, Mr I. P. Carter, Prof D. J. Hinde, Dr E Williams
485 Quest For The Origin Of r-process In Nuclear Physics And Galactic Evolution Prof Taka Kajino, Prof Shota Shibagaki, Prof Yutaka Hirai, Prof Hirokazu Sasaki, Prof Kanji Mori, Prof Wako Aoki, Prof Takuma Suda, Prof Grant Mathews
486 Electroproduction And Transition Form Factors - On The Road To A Baryon Spectrum Prof Philip Cole
487 Nucleosynthesis in the First Stars Prof Karlheinz Langanke, Prof Alexander Heger
488 Recent Results On Heavy Flavor Production At RHIC-PHENIX Dr Takashi Hachiya
489 The New Proton Charge Radius Experiment At JLab Prof Dipangkar Dutta
491 η Interactions In The Nuclear Medium And Eta-nuclear Bound States Dr Jiri Mares, Dr Nir Barnea, Dr Ales Cieply, Prof Eliahu Friedman, Prof Avraham Gal
492 New Results On The Structure Of Baryons And Their Excitations from Lattice QCD Prof Derek Leinweber
493 Binding Energy Of 19o And 21o Isotopes In Relativistic System Mr Mohsen Mosavi, Dr Mohammad Reza Shojaei
494 Latest Results from The Olympus Experiment Mr Axel Schmidt
495 Results And Plans For The Study Of Heavy Ion Collisions At LHC-B Mr Patrick Robbe
496 Hadron-hadron Correlation And Interaction from Heavy-ion Collisions Prof Akira Ohnishi
498 QCD Thermodynamics On The Lattice from The Gradient Flow Dr Etsuko Itou, Prof Tetsuo Hatsuda, Prof Sinya Aoki
499 The iThemba Labs Radioactive-ion Beams Project Dr Robert Bark
500 Exploring Pion And Nucleon Structure With Tagged Structure Functions Dr Cynthia Keppel
501 Comparison Of The F2 Structure Function In Iron As Measured By Charged Lepton And Neutrino Probes Dr Cynthia Keppel, Dr Narbe Kalantarians, Prof Eric Christy
502 Refuting The Nature Of The Sixth 0+ Hoyle-analogue State Candidate In 16O Mr Kevin Ching Wei Li, Dr Retief Neveling, Dr Philip Adsley, Prof Paul Papka, Dr F.D. Smit
503 RBE Study Using Solid State Microdosimetry In Heavy Ion Therapy Dr Linh Tran, Prof Anatoly Rozenfeld, Mr Lachlan Chartier, Dr Dale Prokopovich, Mr David Bolst, Dr Alex Pogossov, Dr Susanna Guatelli, Dr Marco Petasecca, A/Prof Michael Lerch, Dr Angela Kok
504 Pure Sea-quark Contributions To The Magnetic Form Factors Of Sigma Baryons Prof Ping Wang
505 Experimental Studies Of Fundamental Processes In QCD Color Propagation And Neutralization Prof William Brooks, Mr Oscar Aravena, Mr Miguel Arratia, Prof Hayk Hakobyan, Mr Jorge López, Mr Rodrigo Méndez, Mr Cristian Peña, Mr Sebastian Tapia
506 Compact Hadron Driver for Cancer Therapies Using Continuous Energy Sweep Scanning Prof Ken Takayama, Dr Kwee Wah Leo, Mr Takumi Monma, Prof Toshikazu Adachi, Prof Tadamichi Kawakubo, Dr Tanuja Dixit
507 Recent Developments And Trends In Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Prof Keith Fifield
508 Probing Low X Npdf With Photons In D-au Collisions At 200 Gev Dr Carlos Perez Lara
510 Active Target - Time Projection Chambers For The Study Of Nuclear Reactions With Radioactive Beams Prof Wolfgang Mittig
511 Partonic Charge Symmetry Violation In The Nucleon A/Prof Ross Young
513 Experimental Overview On GPDs And TMDs Prof Haiyan Gao
514 Studies Of Jets In QGP Medium At CMS Prof Olga Evdokimov
515 Partonic Structure Of Hadrons from Lattice QCD Dr James Zanotti
516 Progress In Reactor And Accelerator Based BNCT At Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute Prof Yoshinori Sakurai
517 Recent Results On Light Pseudoscalar Mesons Dr Paolo Gauzzi
518 Control Of The Dose Distribution In Charged Particle Therapy Dr Lorenzo Manganaro
519 Design And Status Of The Elimed Beam Line For Laser-driven Ion Beams Dr Pablo Cirrone
520 Cern-medicis : Innovative Radioisotopes For Medical Applications Ms Thierry Stora
521 Latest Developments Of The Monte Carlo Fluka Code For Medicine Dr Vasilis Vlachoudis
522 Non-perturbative Interactions Of Quarks And Gluons Dr Ayse Kizilersu
523 Alice Future Upgrades And Perspectives Prof Massimo Masera
524 Openpet Enabling Pet Imaging During Radiotherapy Prof Taiga Yamaya
525 The EURISOL-DF Project Dr Marek Lewitowicz
526 The Facility For Antiproton And Ion Research FAIR Prof Karlheinz Langanke
527 RHIC Upgrades And Capabilities For The Next Decade Dr Wolfram Fischer
528 Facility For Rare Isotope Beams: Current Construction Status Prof Paul Mantica
529 The Jefferson Lab 12 Gev Program Dr Hugh Montgomery
530 Lattice QCD And Transport Coefficients Prof Harvey Meyer
531 Electric Dipole Response Of Nuclei Studied By Proton Inelastic Scattering: Symmetry Energy And Neutron Skin Thickness A/Prof Atsushi Tamii
532 The Puzzle Of The r-process Astrophysical Site: A Nuclear Physics Solution? Prof Rebecca Surman
533 Frontiers In Ab-initio Nuclear Structure Prof Sonia Bacca
534 Direct Reaction Theories For Exotic Nuclei Prof Angela Bonaccorso
535 Experimental Research On Quark Gluon Plasma With Relativistic Heavy-ion Collisions At RHIC Prof ShinIchi Esumi
536 The Electromagnetic Response Of Resonance Matter And Other Strange Observations Prof Tetyana Galatyuk
537 Prospects For Breakthroughs In Understanding Nuclei Prof Witold Nazarewicz
538 Radionuclides: from Cosmochronology To Habitability Prof Maria Lugaro
539 Insights Into Nucleon Structure from Parton Distributions Dr Wally Melnitchouk
540 Competition Between Fusion And Quasifission In The Formation Of Superheavy Elements Prof David Hinde
541 Nuclear Physics from The Ground Up Prof William Detmold
542 Progress Of The Rare Isotope Science Project In Korea Dr Sunchan Jeong
543 Recent Progress In Hypernuclear Physics Prof Hiro Tamura
544 Recent Results from Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions At The LHC Prof Camelia Mironov
545 Novel Techniques For Constraining Neutron-capture Rates Relevant To Heavy-element Nucleosynthesis Dr Ann-Cecilie Larsen
546 Structure Of Exotic Nuclei: A Theoretical Review Prof Shan-Gui Zhou
548 Experimental Studies Of Hadron Structure Via Generalized Parton Distributions Prof Silvia Niccolai
549 Binding Blocks: Building The Universe One Nucleus At The Time Dr Alessandro Pastore, Dr Christian Diget, Ms Katherine Leech, Mr Thomas Sanders, Mr Matthew Shelley, Mr Samuel Lock, Mr James Keegans, Mr Thoryn Haylett, Dr Laura Sinclair
550 Baryon Spectrum And Structure Prof Annalisa D'Angelo
551 Ion Rapid Cycling Medical Synchrotron (Ircms) Status And Future Plans Prof Joseph Lidestri
552 The Discovery Of Element 113 At Riken Prof Kouji Morimoto
553 Cold And Ultra-cold Neutrons As Probes Of New Physics Dr Gertrud Konrad
555 The Extreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics Facility (ELI-NP): Project Implementation And Overview Of The Scientific Program Prof Sydney Gales
556 Science And Status Of The Electron Ion Collider In The US Prof Abhay Deshpande
557 Nuclear Physics In Proton Radiotherapy Dr Cynthia Keppel
558 The Hidden-charm Pentaquark And Tetraquark States Prof Shi-Lin Zhu
559 The Cryogenic Underground Observatory For Rare Events: Status And Prospects Prof Eric Norman
561 Finite Size Effect on QCD Phase Transitions via a Non-perturbative QCD Approach Prof Yu-xin Liu