Confirmed Invited Speakers*

(This list will be updated as invited speakers confirm, please be advised that this list is subject to change)

  • Sonia Bacca (TRIUMF) : Frontiers in ab-initio nuclear structure
  • Angela Bonaccorso (INFN Pisa) : Direct reaction theories for exotic nuclei
  • Annalisa D’Angelo (Roma2) : Baryon spectroscopy
  • William Detmold (MIT) : Nuclear physics and lattice QCD
  • ShinIchi Esumi (CiRfSE, Tsukuba) : Experimental research on Quark Gluon Plasma  with relativistic heavy-ion collisions at RHIC
  • David Hinde (ANU) : Competition between fusion and quasi-fission in the formation of superheavy elements
  • Tatyana Galatyuk (TUD) : Hadrons in matter: puzzles, facts and lessons learned in the few GeV energy regime
  • Ann-Cecilie Larsen (Uio Norway) : to be supplied
  • Maria Lugaro (MTA CSFK) : Radio-nuclides: from cosmo-chronology to habitability
  • Wally Melnitchouk (JLab) : Nucleon structure functions
  • Harvey Meyer (JGU Mainz) : Lattice QCD, spectral functions and transport coefficients
  • Camelia Mironov (MIT): Recent results from relativistic heavy ion collisions at the LHC
  • Kouji Morimoto (RIKEN) : The discovery of element 113 at RIKEN
  • Witek Nazarewicz (MSU) : Prospects for breakthroughs in understanding nuclei
  • Silvia Niccolai (IPN Orsay) : Experimental studies of hadron structure via generalized parton distributions
  • Rebecca Surman (UND) : The puzzle of the r-process astrophysical site: a nuclear physics solution
  • Atsushi Tamii (RCNP) : Electric dipole response of nuclei studied by proton inelastic scattering: symmetry energy and neutron skin thickness
  • Hiro Tamura (Tohoku) : Recent progress in hypernuclear physics
  • Shan-Gui Zhou (ITP/CAS) : Structure of exotic nuclei: a theoretical review

Conveners INPC2016

A. Nuclear Structure
Tibor Kibedi (ANU)
Alexandre Obertelli (CEA)

B. Nuclear Reactions
Masatoshi Itoh (Tohoku)
Cedric Simenel (ANU)

C. Nuclear Astrophysics
Ani Aprahamian (UND)
Alexander Heger (Monash)

D. QCD: Hadron Structure and Spectroscopy (includes hadrons and hadron-hadron interactions in-medium)
Ralf Gothe (USC)
Laura Tolos (ICE, Spain)

E. QCD: Partonic phenomena
Silvia Pisano (Frascati)
Craig Roberts (ANL)

F. Hot and Dense Nuclear Matter
Huang Mei (IHEP, Beijing)
Johanna Stachel (Heidelberg)

G. Fundamental Symmetries and Interactions in Nuclei
Koichiro Asahi (RIKEN)
Eberhard Widmann (Stefan Meyer Institute) 

H. New Facilities and Instrumentation
Faiçal Azaiez (IPN, Orsay)
Guy Savard (ANL)

I. Nuclear Physics in Medicine and Applied Nuclear Physics
Michael Hotchkis (ANSTO)
Anatoly Rozenfeld (Wollongong)
Thierry Stora (CERN)

J. Neutrinos and Nuclei
Toshikata Kajino (NAO Japan)
Barbara Szczerbinska (Dakota State)